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AMK - Cutting tool for thick aluminum sheath

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  • Function(s) Cut / saw
    Remove the outer sheath
    Crimp connectors
    Work on the outer sheath
    Remove / work on the shield
    Remove the outer semi-conductor
    Remove the insulation
    Shape the insulation

    Tool kits overview
    Maintain / hang / fix cables
  • Diameter ø15 - 40 mm
    ø0.591 - 1.575 in
  • To do what The AMK tool allows a circular, longitudinal and helical cut on the aluminum sheath of CONSAC cables.
    The helical cut allows to open the screen without cutting the continuity of it.
  • Product benefits Fixed cutting depth.
    Stainless steel friction plate.
  • Cutting depth 1,5 mm / 0,059 inches
  • Cutting angle +45° or -45°

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