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CAMF4/40-90-BBCF - Multifunction tool for bonded semiconductor and insulation

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  • Function(s) Remove the outer semi-conductor
    Remove the insulation
  • Diameter ø40 - 90 mm
    ø1.575 - 3.543 in
  • To do what The CAMF4/40-90-BBCF enables the user :
    -To remove the bonded semiconductor
    -To remove the insulation

    The ball bearings in contact with the cable enable an easy rotation of the tool

    Bonded semiconductor removal : Very steady (16 ball bearings rolling around the cable), shaping the cable round over the insulation , constant diameter over the insulation, prevent the blade from diging into the insulation, perform a chamfer on transition beetween the insulation and the semiconductor

    Insulation removal : Back-iron that enables the user to tune the pitch of the tool thus making the rotation of the tool easy when removing the insulation
  • Product benefits No silicone
    Ball bearings for an easier rotation of the tool
    Low roughness over insulation
  • Bonded semicon thickness capacity 2,5 mm / 0,098 in
  • Remaining length of the semicon 55 mm / 2,165 in
  • Insulation thickness capacity 35 mm / 1,378 in

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  • Spare Parts LFNS - Spare blade for bonded semiconductor
    LINS - Spare blade for insulation

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