Alroc, l’expérience au service de l’innovation

With more than 40 years in R&D dedicated to the design of cable preparation tools and cable cleats and saddles, our team of qualified engineers; Sylvain (Project manager), Johann (Project manager), Pascal (Project manager) and Dylan (Application designer) ;  is listening to the existing problems and the new to come. We offer custom solution for new cables, new accessories and solution to hold cables in poky and sloping environment.

In order to meet the requirements of the most important cable and accessories manufacturers dedicated to the transmission and distribution of electrical energy, we have developed a lot of our products. We are grateful for that.

Among the most significant innovation which have brought precision, safety and ease, we can provide you several tools which are mentioned by range below:

  • LHC
  • DMS
  • DMSR
  • AMF5 55-160 (current voltage)
  • AMF4 40-90 BBCF
  • MF3
  • CWB
  • PRG
  • PG3EC

Cable cleats and saddle range:

  • CSC
  • PI190
  • CSI

Recently the ALROC Company supplied for the INELF project cleats, chassis to hold the splices and tools for the cable preparation. This represented a real challenge. It is with great desire that our Design Department is waiting for the next to come. It might be yours…

See you soon

The Design Department Team.