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KIT/630-2020 - Full kit for distribution underground cable 50 mm² up to 630 mm²

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  • Function(s) Cut / saw
    Remove the outer sheath
    Crimp connectors
    Work on the outer sheath
    Remove / work on the shield
    Remove the outer semi-conductor
    Remove the insulation
    Shape the insulation

    Tool kits overview
    Maintain / hang / fix cables
  • Diameter ø16 - 58 mm
    ø0.630 - 2.283 in
  • To do what Tools included in theKIT/630-2020 enable the user to splice each layer of distribution underground cable ranging from 50 mm² up to 630 mm² in 12/20 kV, prior to junctions or terminations installation.

    For any other voltage rating, please check the outer diameter capacity of each tools included in the kit
  • Product benefits No lubrication needed
  • Section according to voltage rating 50 - 630mm²
  • Certifications Approved by ENEDIS
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