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MF3/40 - Multifunction tool for outer sheath, peelable semiconductor and insulation

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  • Function(s) Cut / saw
    Remove the outer sheath
    Work on the outer sheath
    Remove / work on the shield
    Remove the outer semi-conductor
    Remove the insulation
    Shape the insulation
    Tool kits overview
    Maintain / hang / fix cables
  • Diameter ø16 - 40 mm
    ø0.630 - 1.575 in
  • To do what The MF3/40 tools enables the user to :
    Remove the outer sheath (PE-PVC-PR) with a straight and neat cut
    Score the peelable semiconductor (with the SR scoring stylus delivered with the tool)
    Set the length to be removed and remove the insulation with a straight and neat cut
  • Product benefits Tuning of the pitch of the tool
    Embeded wear pads to protect the tool from the contact with the outer sheath
  • Pelable semiconductor thickness capacity 0.4 - 1.5 mm
  • Insulation thickness capacity 7 mm
  • Stylus included SR
  • Certifications Approved by ENEDIS

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