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PRG3/C20-L20 - Pliers for LV cable outer sheath with 1 longitudinal cutting depth

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  • Function(s) Cut / saw
    Remove the outer sheath
    Crimp connectors
    Work on the outer sheath
    Remove / work on the shield
    Remove the outer semi-conductor
    Remove the insulation
    Shape the insulation

    Tool kits overview
    Maintain / hang / fix cables
  • Diameter ø26 - 52 mm
    ø1.024 - 2.047 in
  • To do what The pliers PRG3/C20-L20 with brown handles enables the user to make a circular and longitudinal cut in order to remove cable's outer sheath.

    The pliers is equipped with an interchangeable longitudinal cutting head and locking by push-button and can be removed without the use of auxiliary tools.

    The design of the clamp with its handles parallel to the cable in longitudinal cutting position allows for comfortable use and reduce cutting forces.

    The pliers is equipped with 4 circular cutting blades to avoid turning around the cable.
  • Product benefits Quick set up of the cutting head
    Cutting head locked by push-button
    The interchangeable cutting head fit on PR4, PRG3, PRG4
    Pliers handles parallel to cable in longitudinal position
  • Circular cutting thickness capacity 2,0 mm / 0,079 in
  • Longitudinal cutting thickness capacity 2,0 mm / 0,079 in

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