• 1940: Fernand Roux founds the ALROC Company
  • 1940 : Fernand Roux founds the ALROC Company. He starts with the manufacturing of aluminium wheels, rims and pulleys.
  • 1985 : ALROC wins 2 prizes : 1st prize at the Lépine Competition Paris and 1st prize at the Eureka Innovation Competition in Brussels for the invention of cable preparation devices.
  • 2009 : ALROC is taken over by NOVARC Group and becomes part of its Electrical and Safety branch ESP.
  • 2016 : SORECA (connectors and lugs manufacturer) moves to the ALROC site.



Design and manufacturing of cable clamp/saddles, cable preparation tools and aluminum rims.

Turnover : 6.2 M euros (60% Export)

Total Staff : 47

ALROC : More than 30 years of innovation.

For more than 30 years, ALROC has been engineering, designing and manufacturing cable preparation tools and cable fixing solutions to establish the most complete product range in the following areas:

  • LV cable
  • MV cable
  • HV cable
  • Optical Fiber cable and tube
  • Telecomunications cable
  • Coaxial cable
  • Steal gas pipe
  • Cable holding and fixing solutions

Quality and Safe and Precise Label

Rewarding the long and on going relationship with our partners, ALROC receives in 2008 the ISO 9001 certification, and in 2017 the 2015 version. Part of the continuous of our safety and quality policy, ALROC put into actions its will to reduce its environmental footprint.

When contacting ALROC, our partners are looking for 2 principles: safety and precision, This why in 2015 we have created the ‘Safe and Precise Label’ granting the philosophy embedded into our products.

A constantly changing industrial facilities

At the heart of our manufacturing process, a know-how of 70 years in the metal working, mould design, gravity cast makes of ALROC a recognized specialist in the alloy transformation. ALROC is committed to an ongoing investment process. In order to integrate new production methods and innovating technologies thus enabling short delivery terms and a competitive position on local and international market. Today our production cycle is organized through the following departments :

  • R&D department including : 2D and 3D CAD software, CAM software, reverse engineering software.
  • Moulding and prototyping station including : 3 digital vertical machining center, 2 milling machine linked to the rectification and sharpening operation.
  • Aluminium and bronze casting station, including : hydraulic casting machine, sandblaster, heat chamber and tribofinishing equipment.
  • Deburring station including : band saws, bench grinder.
  • Machine shop including : 5 numercial control lathes and 5 numerically-controlled machines MAZAK.
  • Insulation and dipping station.
  • Assembling station.