Work is progressing well for the new building’s extension.


Structure, floors and building’s insulation are completed and interior fittings are in progress.

There is still work to be done, like finishing touches for the exterior and the structure’s electrical wiring.

We can observe the laying of the new transformer station for the electrical junction. Junctions will be realized with our tools in deed!

Deadlines shall be maintained for handing keys in December, a nice Christmas present for the ALROC Team.









More than 1000m² of the extension will be dedicated to the production department in order to receive new means of production:
A robot process for the foudry with 6 thank furnace, a Kuka robot and a casting with sawing station

A Mazak Variaxis I-500 vertical machining center, 5 axles and Easybox automatic feeding

A Mazak Integrex J-200S turn-mill center

6 smelting furnace for the foundry aluminium and bronze

Elements of the screening process and preparation of raw materials for the foundry
All this equipment will enable us to deliver faster our customer with high quality products manufactured 100% in France